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Taking Your Photos

The number one thing that porn studios are going to look at when they decide to offer you a interview, test shoot or job is the picture(s) that you send to them.

Even the big studios do not expect you to send professional pictures, however that does not mean you cannot make the photos that you send look polished. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that-

  • Camera Tips
    Digital cameras have tons of settings to make your pictures turn out just as good as the professionals. If you've never tried photography, stick to the automatic settings; but if you're familiar with your camera, try playing with the features and manipulating settings such as F-Stops and Iso, which control your shutter speed and how much light your camera lets in.

  • Getting Ready
    Before you begin, check out an erotic website or magazine to get an idea of what types of poses are most flattering and sexy. This is also a great way to set the mood.

  • Remember - Nude, Nude, Nude
    While it is all right to send more than one picture, porn talent scouts are looking at the nitty gritty and it is best not to have at least one picture that you send where are completely nude.

  • Look Your Best
    Hair, nails and body should be clean and well groomed.

  • Create Your Background
    Take time to straighten up and find a nice background. Using a backdrop that has a solid color can be a good idea as it will make the focus of attention be you. Use a sheet or bedspread behind you. You can get fancy and purchase kinky items such as whips and paddles at an adult store, or play around with stuff at home; simply straddling your kitchen chair is sexier than you think. If you really want to get into it, you can purchase a paper background from a photography store or drape fabric that's rich in texture and color over your couch. Red and white are great colors to work with on film.

    There's nothing sexy about posing naked if you're not comfortable or in the moment; if you don't feel sexy, your pictures won't look sexy. Set the mood depending on what type of photos you want to take. If you're going for an innocent, romantic feel, light some candles and play soft music. If you're looking for something a little hotter or kinkier, put in something faster that gets your blood pumping. Of course, a cocktail or two never hurts, either!

  • Have Good Lighting
    Talent scouts are looking for a picture that will show them what they are going to see when they meet you. It will be a waste of time if you hide what you really look like in the shadows. Play around with the lighting in the room by removing lampshades and even a rose colored light bulb to give a flattering light. Avoid florescent lighting as it is not used in filming and makes even very attractive people look less so.

  • Market Your Pictures To The Studio
    If you want to work for a company that wants a more natural look, then keep pubic hair and trim sparingly. If you are want an audition for a professional model look, then you may want to use a more trimmed or shaven look. If you want to audition to different studios you may want to take a variety of pictures based on those various styles.

  • Make It Easier
    Have a photographer that you trust or close friend who does not mind taking the pictures for you, assist you in this photo session. You could also use a tripod and a self timer.


Porn Star Tip-

One thing to keep in mind is that studios looking for A-list porn stars prefer that their actors do not have tattoos. If you are considering getting one- don't. If you have one, consider removal or not featuring it. If you are not shooting for the glamor of an A-list porn star status, this may not be an issue.