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Professional Vs. Amateur Porn

Below we have provides a breakdown of the main differences in types of porn-

Amateur porn often features porn actors performing without pay or for less pay than other more established porn actors. Amateur porn is often made with nonprofessional cameras and a documentary style filming techniques. Professional porn are when an actor is paid and often offered a contract with the porn studio.

Gonzo Porn

Gonzo porn makes the viewer feel they are there and in the scene. It is often filmed with one or more of the participants both filming and performing sexual acts. Gonzo porn tends to use far fewer full-body / wide shots, and more close-ups. The loose and direct camera work often includes tight shots of the genitals. Gonzo is always hardcore porn and often makes it easier for amateur performers to become famous; several individually distinct styles of no-frills, filmed porn can be labeled gonzo porn. Several companies produce gonzo that has excellent lighting and sound quality, lingerie costuming, and is shot in various rooms of luxury homes. One trait that all gonzo films share, though, is a much greater emphasis on intense sexual performances. Gonzo scenes tend to run longer; it is common for a single boy-girl scene to run anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes.

Alt Porn

Alt porn (also known as alt-porn, altporn, alternaporn, or simply alt), a shortening of "alternative porn", tends to involve members of such subcultures as goths, punks, or ravers and is often produced by small and independent websites or filmmakers. It often features models with body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, or scarifications, or temporary modifications such as dyed hair. The term indie porn is also sometimes used, though this term is more generally used as a synonym for independent porn, regardless of affinity with any kind of alternative subculture.

Fetish Porn

Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object. The object of interest is called the fetish, the person a fetishist who has a fetish for that object. However, in the porn world, fetish can also refer to such things a foot fetish or tickle fetish. There are limitless types of fetish sex possibilities, even that of sitting on items like balloons.

Reality Porn

Reality porn is "real couples having real sex". It has been described as professionally made porn which seeks to mimic the style of amateur porn. Examples include the Girls Gone Wild Series.

Soft Porn

Softcore porn is less sexually explicit than hardcore porn. Softcore porn depicts nude and semi-nude performers engaging in casual social nudity or non-graphic representations of sexual intercourse or masturbation. Softcore porn does not show vaginal or anal penetration, cunnilingus, fellatio and ejaculation.


Porn Star Tip-

Understanding Voyeur Porn

Filmed in a manner that makes the viewer thing that the performer does not know they are watching. This is faked in the U.S. by studios as they cannot film someone legally without their permission. However, the approach to the filming is to create that illusion.