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How To Apply To Be A Porn Star- Resume Tips

We understand that your previous work history may have nothing to do with the adult industry, but companies are looking for people that will not only bring talent to their company, but who will be able to be on time, professional and
enhance their company so your application must be professional.

Providing them with your work history is a way to let the company you are applying to know that you are serious about working for them. You can always let them know that you prefer them not contact the companies that you previously worked for or currently work for due the the sexual nature of the type of employment you are currently seeking. Any one that works in the adult industry understands that it is often the kind of job that is not always socially accepted. You will also want to make sure that you read our article about making an informed choice about a career in the adult industry.

  • Decide on a Job Objective

    This can be stated in about 5 or 6 words. Anything beyond that is probably "fluff" and indicates a lack of clarity and direction (i.e.: Providing sexual excellence as a professional porn actor).

  • Use Design That Grabs Attention

    Employers make snap judgments when glancing at your resume. Make your resume short and sweet and sell them on you. Inserting pictures into your resume of sexy poses is another way to make it easy to sell them the idea that you should work for them.

  • Use Power Words & Sell Them

    Help create vivid images in their mind of how you can help make their company money. Use words that will help them to see that you are prompt, professional, responsible and take care of your health and enhance your physical appearance to meet the needs of the company.


Porn Star Tip-

Remember to be as professional as possible and remember that you are applying for a job.