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STD & STI Requirements

Most porn studios will require you to take a STD (sexually transmitted disease) / STI (sexually transmitted infection) test and if so, have them done every 30 days and then verified for your audition, test shoot and to start work. If you do not, you are putting your health and life at risk by participating with them.

Make sure to ask the studios you audition with and find out their requirements before your show up to audition. It is best to come with an STD test in hand as it will show responsibility, commitment and desire to be a good performer. Most good companies will have your current test laid out on the table so the talent can check the date and status of the test, but it's always best to bring your own current test onset. You never know when someone might forget to print up your test and bring it onset. If there is no way to get valid proof, then the shoot will most likely get canceled.